Hi there. My name is Nabi and I enjoy creating art and animation for games to be a great artist in the world to help the others.  I currently live in Chicago, Illinois and I am looking for a designer position to flourish my creativity into inspiring games.

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Below you'll find games that stand out from the rest of my work:

Derailed Game

Derailed is a multi-platform game in which you play through the daily commute of a young woman with social anxiety, trying to make it home safely. As the days go by, players will uncover more about the source of her anxiety, and help her learn new ways to cope with it. It was created to raise awareness about both social anxiety and abuse, and help players understand a bit more of what it is like to live with certain types of anxiety.

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Planet Vermilion

I worked as a 3D LowPoly Artist for “SpacEggs Game Studios”, a small but enthusiastic game developer student team to develop a hack & slash game “Planet Vermilion” for their senior project. I reimagined the 2D concept art to convert into 3D Lowpoly Models, created textures from making use of original concept art, collaborated with the animation team to give life to characters, build the first level's and also created visual effects in Unity.
Alpha demo is on Google Play

Find the Corgi named "Einstein" (CorgiJam)

This game was submitted for Corgi Jam. It is a crane claw simulator with a physics puzzle which inclued my friend's handsome dog "Einstein". Created game assets in Blender, and put together them using Unity3D. You have to install Unity Webplayer to be able to play the game.
Check out more or play it here

High Five

A dystopian point-and-click adventure. This is a self-motivated on-going game project in Unity3D. The conceptualization, character design and story writing are underway. Next in line is developing the level designs.
High Five is under development

The Crowbar

My first point-and-click adventure game developed with AlpacaEngine in honor of Double Fine's internal Amnesia Fortnight game jam. Musics by Tommy Tornado! Make your way into the Double Fine headquarters and try to crash their party! You need Adobe Flash Player to be able to play it.
Dig into it on medidog.itch.io

Poplar Forest Game

The game is about the Thomas Jefferson’s beautiful landscape design in Lynchburg, Virginia. In the game, it is possible to enjoy the scenery and also interact with the foliage in Poplar Forest. I was involved with conceptualizing the game, especially the Tree HUD build in ScaleForm and in-game interaction scripting in UDK Kismet.
Poplar Forest Game is available for iPad


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I am also blogging here: medidog.tumblr.com

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